A vast tree manufacturing plant dominated the geoengineering facilities

Before we had industrial tree factories, terraforming was a slow and miserable process. But these days, all you need for your planetary startup are a couple of redwood mass production plants and you're good to go.

Dragos Jieanu creates photorealistic worlds with extraordinary depth. He's also terrific at juxtaposing post-singularity technology with natural imagery to create images of a future where nature is part of the industrial machine. Or perhaps the industrial machine has been subsumed into nature.
Either way, this is stunning work !
" - Annalee Newitz

See more of Dragos Jieanu's work on his website :http://www.jieanu.com/

Puteți vedea unele din cele mai reprezentative lucrări ale lui Dragoș Jieanu, în cadrul expoziției organizate de SRSFF, intitulate „Other Worlds”, marți 14 septembrie 2010, ora 17.00, Centrul Calderon, str.J.L.Calderon nr.39.

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