Chiar așa ! Eddie Pandele e în Locus !
Mă rog, la ”poșta redacției”, la secțiunea de comentarii, dar tot e bine !
Chiar dacă bulgarii ne-au luat-o înainte (astronomul bulgar Valentin Ivanov care trăiește în Chile, pare ubicuu în blogoSFera internațională), Eddie a avut prezența de spirit și rapiditatea de a interveni cu următorul comentariu la postarea lui Jeff VanderMeer intitulată "An Overview of International Science Fiction/Fantasy in 2009" din 11.03.2010 :

"Eddie said... MARCH 15, 2010 1:57 PM

The Essential Romanian SF&F - 2009

Purely subjective list. The Romanian market is small, with 500-1000 prints being the norm. 2009 was a moderately good year, with fourteen books released.

1. Silviu Genescu - Rock me Adolf Adolf Adolf
The second short story collection of one of the best Romanian SF writers. Highlights: Local Hero (an A.I. manipulates the media by faking a terrorist attack), The Sad Prince (time travel and decadent russian nobility in Paris), Da Noiz (short novel, a conspiracy/science thriller)

2. Doru Stoica - Între bariere (Between the train barriers)
A strong first book collecting rural / slum cyberpunk stories written in the past 15 years. Highligts: Interneci (two country bumpkins hear about the Internet and replicate it with makeshift tools, for awesome results), Între bariere (love is heaven for the tired commuters of a battered suburb train)

3. Sebastian Corn - Adrenergic!
Second edition of a short cyberpunk novel (first edition was printed in a magazine, not in book format) - reality is bioengineered, virtuality replicates real spaces using microorganisms called turboskells. The connection between reality and virtuality is made by hardware zombies, people immersed in vats. This was written five years before Matrix first appeared, so any similarity is coincidental :)

4. Millennium 2 - Șase ani de Ficțiuni (Six years of Fictions)
Anthology of the best short stories published in the short-lived Fictiuni magazine. Highlights: Dogs can't love, by Radu Pavel Gheo (love can make one turn wild... literally), The Ice Emperor, by Ana Maria Negrila (post-apocaliptic superhuman adventure), Come outside, by Florin Pitea (leading the living dead to the ultimate conclusion)

5. Liviu Radu - O după amiază cu bere și zîne (An afternoon with beer and pixies)
Urban fantasy novel, third volume of a series, by the most prolific of all Romanian genre authors. Three friends drink and chat, while giants, vampires, fairies and various other fantastic creatures come and go as they please. Humorous yet chaotic."

Bravo, Eddie, astea au fost preferințele tale, e foarte bine că le-ai menționat ! Mai ales într-un context internațional !

Eddie menționează 14 volume ale unor autori români, apărute în 2009.
Tot atîtea am numărat și eu :

1.Silviu Genescu – "Rock me adolf adolf adolf" (ed.Bastion, Timișoara)
2.Costel Baboş - "Un om din Wayfalua și alte povestiri" (ed. Bastion, Timișoara)
3.Ion Hobana – "Timp pentru dragoste" (ed.Bastion, Timișoara )
4.Sebastian A. Corn – "Adrenergic!" (ed.Millennium Press, Satu-Mare)
5.Doru Stoica – "Între Bariere" (Millennium Press, Satu-Mare)
6.George Lazăr – "Îngerul Păzitor" (Millennium Press, Satu Mare)
7.Liviu Radu – "Povestiri Fantastice" (ed.a doua)(ed.Millennium Press, Satu Mare)
8."Millennium 2 : Șase ani de ficțiuni" (ed.Millennium Press,Satu Mare)
9."Dansînd pe Marte şi alte povestiri fantastice" (ed.Millennium Press,Satu Mare)
10."Millennium, Fantasy & Science fiction (ed.Millennium Press - doar 5 povestiri românești)
11.Liviu Radu - "O după amiază cu bere si zîne" – (ed.Tritonic,București)
12.Raluca David – "Dava" – (ed.Paralela 45,Pitești)
13.Constantin Cozmiuc – "I se spunea bărbatul" (Eurostampa,Timișoara)
14.Societatea Română de Science-Fiction şi Fantasy – "Alte Ţărmuri"

Volume originale au fost doar "O după amiază cu bere si zîne", "Îngerul Păzitor", "Dava" și parțial antologia "Alte Ţărmuri" (povestirea lui Silviu Genescu a mai fost publicată).

Doar patru edituri (Millenium Press, Bastion, Tritonic și Paralela 45) au publicat SF&F românesc în 2009. Millenium Press a editat 6 titluri și jumătate, Bastion, trei titluri și Tritonic, un titlu.
Eurostampa este o tipografie din Timișoara, nu o editură.

Important de menționat este că 6 titluri (42,85%) din totalul de 14 ale anului 2009 aparțin fie membrilor SRSFF fie unui colectiv SRSFF (antologia "Alte Țărmuri"):
Silviu Genescu – "Rock me adolf adolf adolf"
Sebastian A. Corn – "Adrenergic!"
George Lazăr – "Îngerul Păzitor"
Liviu Radu – "Povestiri Fantastice"
Liviu Radu - "O după amiază cu bere si zîne"
antologia "Alte Ţărmuri"

Iar autorii membri ai SRSFF, Sebastian A.Corn, Liviu Radu, Ana-Veronica Mircea, Mircea Pricăjan, Dumitru Claudiu Stătescu au fost prezenți în următoarele antologii apărute la Millenium Press :

- Millenium Fantasy&Science Fiction, volumul 1 (Sebastian A.Corn-"Epidemia", Liviu Radu-"Eu te-am iubit,Paraschivo")

-Millenium Fantasy&Science Fiction 2, Șase ani de ficțiuni (Liviu Radu-"Complexul lui Oedip", Ana-Veronica Mircea-"Rayadatis")

-Dansînd pe Marte și alte povestiri fantastice,editor Michael Haulică, a doua antologie AtelierKult (Liviu Radu-"Vînătoare de vulpi", Ana-Veronica Mircea - "Fără doar și poate", Mircea Pricăjan-"Radio Live",Dumitru Claudiu Statescu - "Pulbere în vînt")

Și iată și intervenția pe Locus online a bulgarului Valentin Ivanov :
"Bulgarian SF&F in 2009

It may be interesting to add to the scope Bulgaria, a small country in comparison with the ones listed above, with a population of about seven and a half million.
I was surprised to hear that about forty books published in 2009 fall into the speculative fiction category.
The typical print runs for national writers are 500-1000 copies, the famous foreign SF&F names sell a few times more. The limited market effectively precludes making living from writing alone, so even the most successful mainstream writers have a day job.

The Sturgeon's law tells us that we cannot expect more than a few good books among the 2009 crop, and I haven't read all forty or so titles, but here are a few that drew my attention.

- Fantastika 2008 ("ФантАstika 2008") annual almanac, appeared in 2009, publisher Foundation Human Library. The title is an intentional mix of Cyrillic and Latin letters, forming the Bulgarian generic term for speculative fiction. This volume contains an extended profile of the Bulgarian SF writer Grigor Gatchev, and stories by L.P. Nikolov, A. Karapanchev, M. Petkov, V. Todorov and translations by S. Lukianenko, N. Gaiman, Vl. Rîbakov, and T. Sturgeon. The almanac contains a lot of reviews and articles on history and theory of SF&F. The Bulgarian part of the book is available online under Creative Commons License at: http://fs.choveshkata.net/index.php/%D0%A4%D0%B0%D0%BD%D1%82%D0%90stika_2008
The translated part is not, due to copyright limitations.

- Exercises in Immortal Writing ("Упражнения по безсмъртно писане") (a collection by Iancio Ciolakov. It contains reprints and new writings. The main piece is a short novel "Историята на Самотният редник" (The History of the Lonely Private) is a retelling of the Troy battle, in a world of sapient arthropods. It is a dark but engaging story. The author is known for his literary experiments, and has the reputation of the best stylist among the Bulgarian SF&F writers. He has a degree in Literature from the Sofia University, which also makes a difference.

- Sun Intangible ("Слънце недосегаемо") by Nikolai Telalov, this is the fourth book by an unique hard SF - Fantasy cross over series, the first Bulgarian speculative fiction epics. The volumes alternate genres between Fantasy, Space opera, and Alternate history. The main premise of the series is that dragons exist, much as they were described in the Bulgarian mythology, and they impact the reality in some rather unexpected ways, i.e. enabling a more harmonious society and an advanced space travel. The novels are set apart from the majority of the Bulgarian (and World) SF&F by the positive outlook to the future."

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