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Pe 4 noiembrie 2008 scriam despre "Hyperion". http://culturalsflearnings.blogspot.com/2008/11/dan-simmons-ii-sf-writter.html

Nu are sens să revin. Cine doreşte să se informeze poate citi acolo. Ceea ce vreau să adaug este că de mai bine de o lună toată suflarea vibrează la gândul apariţiei iminente a seriei la Nemira. Nu pot decât să laud iniţiativa, mai ales dacă vă atrag atenţia că ea reprezintă una dintre favoritele mele. După ce v-am lăudat atât Illium, ce s-ar mai putea adăuga. Poate link-ul spre preferinţele mele - http://www.blogger.com/profile/09451444980025778535.

Vă semnalez, doar, prezentarea povestirilor care fac parte din ciclul "Hyperion Cantos"

Prima, care reprezintă sămânţa din care au crescut Hyperion şi The Fall of Hyperion, "Remembering Siri", "A novella which appears nearly verbatim in Hyperion as "The Consul's Tale". A Hegemony spinship ferries construction workers to and from Maui-Covenant, where a new farcaster portal is being constructed in orbit. A member of the ship's crew falls in love with Siri, an inhabitant of Maui-Covenant, and upon each return to the planet finds her aging and maturing dramatically due to the time-debt associated with each flight".

"The Death of the Centaur" - is a short story published in "Prayers to Broken Stones". It uses the frame story device: the main story is about the friendship between a literary-inclined teacher (based on Simmons himself) and a poor boy named Terry whom he teaches. The teacher begins telling his class every recess a portion of a fantasy story ("The Story"). This fantasy story is the tale of a centaur named Raul (compare Raul Endymion of Endymion), a neo-cat, and a sorcerer-ape who seek to reconnect their world to the "Web of Worlds" by re-connecting a farcaster and seek the humans' help in overthrowing the lizard-ish Wizards who oppress their world. This story is the earliest and first story set in what would become the Hyperion cantos universe, preceding even "Remembering Siri"; many elements and similarities survived into the later stories (from the name of the centaur Raul, to the concepts of farcasters and the WorldWeb, to the Shrike or the levitation barge or the Sea of Grass), although the stories did evolve and differ from "The Death of the Centaur" over time, and so there are a number of dissimilarities: in the Cantos, the centaurs of Garden have been exterminated in a genocide by the Hegemony, and the world The Story is set on is not cut off from the farcaster network. There are shared elements with other stories in this volume: the neo-cat Gernisavien shows up as regular cat in "Eyes I Dare Not Meet in Dreams".

"Orphans of the Helix" is a 46-page short story by Dan Simmons set in his Hyperion Cantos fictional universe. It is set more than 481 years after The Rise of Endymion; the Pax is long since defeated, and the Aenean movement has been helping various groups colonize unknown space. One of the groups is the "Amoiete Spectrum Helix", which after their persecution by the Pax has been reconstituted. Approximately 600,000 opt to colonize some star system centuries of travel core-wards beyond former Pax space using a spinship built by the Aeneans, who give them special permission to use the Hawking drive, despite its deleterious effects on the Void Which Binds.

Am inclus aceste prezentări pentru că imi este greu să cred că povestirile vor apărea undeva. Să aşteptăm cu bucurie apariţia lui "Hyperion", în treducerea lui MDP.

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